Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Un-Madness

As big college basketball fans know, we are about to enter the time of the season dubbed "March Madness". We'll be moving quickly through the Sweet Sixteen to the Elite Eight to the Final Four and then, the Championships. It will be non-stop until the championships on April 8. And I'm sure that if you are a fan or if you have some money riding on this, you will be wrapped up in the madness.

My team was knocked out before we even started (Next year, Catamounts!) and to be honest, I am already experiencing some madness not derived from basketball. I have a three course semester that is just approaching midway and, to say the least, I have been overwhelmed with homework, papers, and assignments. Adding to the stress of my school work is my 9-5 job, a two-hour commute every day and a never-ending Winter. Its no reason I've gone slightly mad.

However, I am going to take the next 19 days to un-madden myself. I hope to do this in both spiritual and physical ways. To be honest, I began at the beginning of the month but I wanted you guys to get in on the fun too! I have started to practice yoga and meditate daily. I am taking time to cook healthy, sustaining meals. I am trying to keep my no-electronics-after-nine rule in effect. And so far its been going pretty well but there is definitely more I can do.

Here's where you all come in. If you have any suggestions, tips or tools you use to stay calm and in-check, please share! Leave a comment here on the blog or take part on your own blog. On my end of things, I am going to post a few I methods I use to bust stress, including : mediation, exercise, cooking/baking and therapeutic herbalism. Nineteen days isn't too long, soon enough we'll be at the championships!

Please, do tell, do you find your self feeling a little mad lately? What do you do when you find your madness getting out of control?

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