Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have no shame in admitting my love and devotion for the Real Housewives. While New York will always have my heart, I have really been enjoying my tryst with the Beverly Hills crew. With the sassy  and classy Lisa and lemon-loving Yolanda, I cannot help but get snookered-in when it is on t.v. Every. Single. Time.

Surprisingly, I have learned a few lessons from the Bravo show. On Monday's episode, Suzanne Summers was chatting up with Yolanda, Lisa and Kyle about staying young and healthy. Suzanne greeted Yolanda's standard, everyday question "How are you?" with a response of "I'm great!" Yolanda then remarked how she loved that Suzanne always responded with great. Then I stopped paying attention.

I did not stop thinking about Yolanda's comment, however. Everyday we are asked a simple question: how we are doing. And usually we respond with a simple answer, something along the line of fine, good, alright, okay. Sometimes I respond with a bad, terrible, and maybe some choice four-letter words for good measure. While I don't want to deny my feelings or hide them from others, I think responding in a positive way, like "Great!", will only lighten up our moods and our day.

I don't think it will be easy to break the habit of "Good." but I hope the effort of "Great!" will make a difference. How do you normally respond to "How are you?". Do you think you could break the blah habit?

I'll leave you off with something great that happened in my day. A view from my morning run!

The Brooklyn Bridge! Nearly empty!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Long overdue

As the title claims, this is long overdue. I have been wanting, thinking, contemplating of starting a blog for way too many years now. I've wrote first blog posts, created templates, thought of topics and what I would want to discuss but I never took the dive. I was always worried and hesitant. Am I interesting enough? Does this picture look good? What does my blog name mean? Is it catchy?

The list is endless, but the truth is, those things don't matter. What matters is that this is a place where I can share my thoughts, feelings and musings. Whether that ranges from what I am wearing, eating, crafting or reading to how I am feeling, what am I struggling with, or what I am over the moon about.   When I envision my blog, I see a space where I can write and grow. Where I can share and learn with myself and others.

So that's where this will begin.